Zeus & Hercules
Zeus & Hercules - Adopted!

Meet Zeus & Hercules.  These 2 little guys were picked up at a local kill shelter.  They are siblings.  Both are 7 years of age & neutered. Hercules is
partially blind & Zeus has either a hip or lower back problem.  


Zeus & Hercules had their first visit to the vets office and it was a fun one!  I sat in the back seat with these 2 little guys and they snuggled the whole
way.  Then, Zeus decided to poop on my lap.  I guess that means he really likes me?

We visited
Duncan Manor Animal Hospital and were seen by Dr. Steven Smolen.  Both little guys are doing well but have some issues.  Zeus has a
staph infection and loose stool.  We found out from the previous vet that his owner fell on top of him last December and damaged his back.  He is
mobile but does have some difficulty while walking.  It's been decided to give him a little time to see how he progresses before taking any evasive
action.  Hercules also has a couple issues that we are treating.  He's not completely blind but does have limited vision.  His eyes will need to be
cleaned and treated with Optimune regularly.   He also has a nasty cough that's being treated with antibiotics.  Once the treatment is complete, we are
going to reevaluate him and decide if he needs any further medical treatment.

We'd like to thank Dr. Smolen and his staff for their time today.  He's very knowledgeable of the Pug breed and spent 2 hours examining both Zeus &
Hercules.   The staff spent those 2 hours cleaning up after Zeus!


Hercules was taken to the vet for his cough.  He received a chest x-ray.  His lungs were clear but we discovered that he had several broken ribs which
only one has not completely healed.  We are guessing that with Zeus's back problems and now Hercules broken ribs, they may not have had the best
of care.


Zeus & Hercules have been cleared for adoption and will be ready starting Monday, April 14th, 2008.  Adoption applications will be posted on the site
Sunday, April 13th, 2008 if you are interested in adopting these 2 little loving fellas.  Hercules will need eye drops (Optimune) once per day for the rest
of his life to slow the process of eye degeneration.

Adoption fee for both Hercules & Zeus is $ 300.00.  This covers the medical expenses that Southwest PA Pugs with Special Needs incurred during
their visit.

We'd like to thank the
following people for donating
to help out Zeus & Hercules:

Janine Hensler
Beth Anistranski
Karen Powers
Jennifer Traficante
Libby Sosinski
MaryAnne Wally
Trudy Brock
Sarah & Rich Beitler
to the members of the Pgh
Pug Meetup that donated on
March 30th, 2008.
Donation Thank Yous!
Name:           Hercules
Age:                7
Color:            Fawn
Temper:       Very Happy, Some Food Aggression, good with kids and other pets.
Health:          Has Pigmentary Keratitis.  Requires Optimune once a day with No More Tears
Habits:          LOVES FOOD.  He can sniff out a crumb from a mile away.  He will get on a
               table to reach food.  He also loves garbage.  He is a big lover the rest of the time.
Name:          Zeus
Age:              7
Color:           Fawn
Temper:      Very Happy, Some Food Aggression, good with kids and other pets.
Health:        He has back end damage.  We were informed someone fell on him previously.    
             He was treated with heavy steroids and is mobile again.  Vet does not feel that
             much can be done.  He does get around like a little mad man and loves to give
Habits:       Loves affection and giving kisses.  If you have other pets, it may cause friction
            if your pet is not accustomed to constant grooming by another animal.
Thank You to MaryAnne Wally for another generous donation, this time for $700.00!!!!!  MaryAnne auctioned off her 2008 Stanley Cup playoff
tickets & donated a large portion of the proceeds.  You are an amazing person and we appreciate all of your hard work and generous
donations.  Also a big thank you to the winning bidder of the tickets Mitch Liebovich.  Thank you so much to both of you.