The Process
Rescue Information
SW PA Pugs with Special Needs is always looking for foster homes and new adoptive parents.  If interested in
becoming a foster or adoptive parent, make sure to download an application and send it in.

Please be sure your application is filled out completely.  We do require and check references.  Once your application is
processed and approved we will contact you to schedule a home inspection.

Home inspections are an important part of the process.  The inspection doesn't take very long but is an important part
of the process.  Some of our rescues come from deplorable or abusive conditions and we need to place the right
rescue in the right home.  We will provide any potential adopters with all previous history & medical conditions that we
are aware of  at the time per dog.

Adoption:  There is an adoption fee which will vary per rescue and used ot offset the medical expenses for our
rescues.  See individual rescue pages for adoption fee.  We loosely base our fees on the following:
Rescues 1 year and under $ 400
Adult rescues up to 3 years $300
Adult rescues 3 to 7 years $250
Adult rescues 7 to 10 years $200
Senior rescues 10 years and older $100                
Fees may vary per dog depending on health and any extenuating circumstances.  The adoption fee is used to offset
our veterinary and routine care expenses per dog and to allow us to continue helping others dogs in need.

Adoption applications will be kept on file for 6 months if no rescues are available or suit the situation.  After 6 months,
the process must be restarted.
Fostering:  Foster applications are good for 1 year and then must be refiled.  SW PA Pugs with Special Needs covers
all vet & medication expenses for our pugs in foster care.

All of our rescues are spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, heartworm tested and vet checked prior to placement.  

To see each rescue's story click on their photo or name to visit their
individual rescue pages.
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