Sadly our Jasmine has passed away.  Of all our rescues she was with us the
longest.  She will be greatly missed.

Jasmine is a pug/chihauhau mix with a huge pug personality.  Although her face may not look like the typical pug,
we couldn't say no to this very special little girl after hearing her story.  Sadly she has lived her entire life tied up
outdoors until now.  Her previous owners gave up on housebreaking her & instead decided to tie her out, through all
seasons including winter & kept her as an outside dog.  

She has one front leg which turns in slightly & she tends to walk on the side of it.  It looks to be an old injury that has
either not been treated or healed incorrectly.  We are having x-rays done this week & will know more at that time.

Jasmine is very friendly & loves to sit in your lap & give kisses.  She just seems to be such a grateful little pug mix,
we think she's so happy to be living indoors now.  What a happy little girl, so excited, everything seems new to her.

This special little lady deserves a home where she gets to spend warm winter nights indoors.  No more cold winter
nights from here on out for her.  We think she's such a wonderful little girl, who deserves a second chance & a
warm forever home to live out her days.  She'll steal your heart.

5/14/08 UPDATE:

During her vet appt. today we discovered one of her lumps turned out to be a mass cell tumor, which we scheduled
surgery for next Friday, 5/23 for removal & will be sent for a biopsy to see what we're looking at.  She will be having
her surgery at Duncan Manor Animal Hospital, 412-366-7374.  

The other lumps on her turned out to be small wounds & abrasions that most likely became infected from living her
life in such deplorable conditions where she came from.  She is on antiboitcs for those.

While at the animal hospital next week they will take a closer look at her possible respiratory issue, she may or may
not have a problem, they can get a better idea at what's going on while she's under.

She will also have x-rays done on her front leg with the slight deformity.  Looks to be an untreated old injury that
healed itself incorrectly.  Seems to be old, doesn't seem to be causing her discomfort at this time.

We are taking donations to help us with Jasmine's upcoming vet bills that we'll be facing.  Estimated cost
$700-$800.  Every bit helps us out, even a $10 donation can add up, so please consider donating to give this sweet
little lady a second chance, she's young, so loving, and deserves a chance to enjoy a good life.

5/26/08 UPDATE:

Jasmine's tumor has been removed and she is doing very well.  Her potential adopters need to be aware that
tumors may redevelop and must be vigilant to catch them early.  Her possible respiratory issue turned out to be an
elongated soft palate.  X-rays were taken of her front leg and as suspected it looks to be an old untreated injury that
did not heal correctly but she doesn't seem to be in any discomfort from it and has learned to adapt.  

We are keeping her on medical hold a little while longer to keep a close eye on her health.  Also we are still
accepting donations to pay off her medical bills and for her continued care.

We'd like to thank Dr. Steven Smolen and the entire staff at Duncan Manor Animal Hospital for the wonderful care
they've given to Jasmine and all our pugs.

6/17/08 UPDATE:

Jasmine is doing  well and is ready for adoption.  Anyone intersted in adopting Jasmine need to be aware of a few
issues.  She does have separation anxiety and we are working with her on this, but moving her into a new home
she will most likely need some adjustment time.  Her new owners need to be patient and willing to work with her.  
New owners must also continue to check for any mass cell tumors that may develop.  This may or may not be an
issue for her future, there is no guarantee with any pet's health.  We have no way to know at this time if another
tumor may appear or not.

1/29/09 UPDATE:

Jasmine is still with us and doing well while awaiting her forever home.  Due to her barking & her "nippiness" we
would prefer her to go into a home without small children or a quieter environment.  She does still have separation
anxiety but has made some improvement.  Potential adopters need to be aware of her anxiety issues and willing to
work with her on these.

6/23/09 UPDATE:

Jasmine has developed another mass cell tumor on her right back leg again.  She is scheduled for surgery later
this week.  We will know more when we receive her lab results back next week.

7/24/09 UPDATE:

Results, grade 2 mass cell tumor.

4/21/10 UPDATE:

Jasmine is doing well, has been seen by an oncologist & at this time they believe they have removed all the cancer.  
Her potential new adopters must realize there is no guarantee and needs to be vigilant to watch for tumors to return
particularly on her back leg.

2013 UPDATE:

Jasmine is still waiting on her forever home.  She's now been in our care for over four years.
Jasmine - Pug Chihauhau Mix
12 years
14 lbs.
Okay with other small dogs & older children.  Would prefer a less active
environment.  Llikes to be the dominant female.  Suffers from separation anxiety.
Had a mass cell tumor on one back leg which has been removed, a slight
deformity of one front leg, & possible respiratory issues.  We are addressing these
issues & providing medical treatment at this time.
Loving, but can be a little nippy & barky at times due to some anxiety issues.

We'd like to thank the following
people for donating to help out
our little Jasmine.

Glenna Taylor
Stacie Teeters
MaryAnne Wally
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Johnathan Johnson
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