Tate - Adopted!

Meet Tate, or full name, Little Man Tate, or Mr. Taters as we lovingly refer to him Mr. Taters.  This very
Special Pug came in with a group of dogs from a puppy mill.  He was being used as a stud dog.  
Needing a little extra TLC he came into our care.

He was found living outside under a board with no food or water.  Arriving flea infested and with
worms, he’s happy to now be flea-free and clean.  His scrapes and scratches have all been
thoroughly cleaned out and on the mend.  He has a skin condition which we are currently treating.  He
is blind in one eye, in which the globe is dead has shrunk back into the eye socket.  This looks to be
an old injury.  

Mr. Taters is very underweight as you can see from his photos above.  He does have a good appetite
and we currently have him on a high calorie food to help.  His strength has already been coming back
to him.  He makes great improvement everyday.   

Loud noises do scare him so we would prefer to find a quiet environment for him.  How sad that he
had to spend the first few years of his life living in such deplorable conditions.   

Our little man Tate is a special pug who deserves a second chance for a good life.

Mr. Taters has been admitted to Duncan Manor Animal Hospital due to vomitting for almost a week
since he had no improvement from a bland diet or medication.  They will be running tests.  Estimated
costs for diagnostic tests and two day hospital stay is $650.


We're happy to report Mr. Taters is doing well and back home with his wonderful foster family.  Our vet
believes it was a gastrointestinal problem, cause unknown.  Our vet bill is approx. $650 for his 2-day
hospital stay.  We are accepting donations to help pay for Mr. Taters fund.

We have also received a generous donation from MaryAnne Wally of three NFL tickets to the Penguins
vs. Red Wings game on February 8th at Mellon Arena, currently being auctioned off on ebay to raise
funds to pay Mr. Taters' vet bill.  Click
here to link to this auction.


Bidding has ended for the above auction. The winning bid was $380 to help pay down Mr. Tater's vet
bill.  A big Thank you everyone who participated and to our winning bidder.

We're happy to announce that Mr. Taters has been adopted & has a wonderful new life with a
great family that loves him.
Tate,or  full name Little Man Tate
apprx. 3-4  years
15 lbs.
Needs some supervision & training.  Gets along with other dogs.
Blind in one eye.  Malnourished & underweight, we have him on a high calorie diet
currently.  Has a skin condition that we are currently treating and will know more at
his next vet visit.      
Likes plush toys.

We'd like to Thank the
following people for helping
out with Mr. Taters

Earl & Gerrie Vierheller
MaryAnne Wally
Melissa Buck
Helen Cook
Donation Thank Yous