Rudy - Adopted!

Rudy is best described as a gentle giant.  He has a wonderful friendly personality.  His tail hasn't
stopped wagging since he arrived.

He is overweight and currently on a diet.  He has a little bit of a stumble with his front legs.  After his
initial vet visits & a second opinion with another veterinarian, we've learned it's a nuerologic issue.
We'll know more in the days ahead.  Possible spinal issue, we'll know more in the weeks ahead.

Anyone wishing to donate to help with Rudy's medical bills, please click on the donation button above
to donate thru paypal, or to mail us a dontion our mailing address can be found at the bottom of our
"homepage" or on the "contact us" page of our site.

He is a very happy boy, gets along very well with everyone both human and canine.  He's a joy to be


Rudy has been taken off medical hold & is now ready for adoption.  He is believed to have a previous
spinal injury, lower back, is doing well at this time, no surgery recommended.  Does not slow him
down at all.


We are currently treating Rudy for a spinal infection.  He is doing well at this time, his usual happy self.
This infection  may take a few months to clear up.  His progress will be updated.

Approx. 6 years
25 lbs.
Good, gets along with other dogs, cats & children
Previous spinal injury, does not slow him down.
PK, requires cyclosporine twice daily, both eyes, limited sight
Loves to nap & cuddle, enjoys playing tug with plush toys

Autumn Thomas &
Peggy Tyra
Jon & Suzanne Kraszewski
Donation Thank Yous
Rudy's Adoption Fee is

This fee is used to offset some of
his medical expenses and make
it possible to rescue the next pug
in need.

Rudy has been vet checked, is up
to date on shots, nuetered,
heartowrm tested, parasite
screened and micro-chipped