Ping  - Adopted!!!

Ping cam in with her sister Pong and we would really like to try to keep the two of them together.  
Ping's tongue is usually hanging out to the side while her sister Pong is a one-eyed pug, but that
doesn't slow her down at all.  We're told both Ping & Pong were once used for breeding purposes.

Ping is happy to find a good napping corner to camp out in and her sister Pong is more outgoing
running with the other pugs & likes to be where the action is.

Ping had surgery to widen her nasal passages to help with her breathing issues along with hanving
her rotted teeth pulled at that time.  She is breathing much easier these days, has fully recovered and
is doing well.  Ping is in overall good health.

We have Ping & Pong on a temporary medical hold at this time due to a question re: spaying.  We do
not want to adopt out a pug if there is any chance she is not spayed.  We had planned on having her
spayed during her most recent surgery, but our vet discovered a scar, unfortunately even with an
ultrasound, they cannot be 100% sure she is spayed and we do not want her to be put through any
unnecessary surgeries.  The scar is either a spay scar or from a previous C section.  Until we know
for sure the pair will be on a temporary medical hold.  Once confirmed we will have her spayed if we
find out she is not at this time, and her info. will be updated at that time.

here to read details about Ping's sister Pong.


We recently found out Ping's scar was from a C-section, therefore she will be spay next week.  Once
her stitches are removed & she is fully recovered Ping & Pong will be available for adoption, possibly
by the end of March or early April.  We are hoping to find a wonderful forever home for Ping & Pong to
grow old together in.


Ping is all better.  She & her sister Pong are ready for their forever home.


Due to a very generous donation, we are happy to report Ping's vet bill is paid in full!!!
10 years
16 lbs.
Friendly, gets along with other pets.
Receives cyclosporine eye drop 2 times per day for PK, has limited sight
Quiet, content to find a good napping spot & hang out all day.

We'd like to thank the following
people for helping us with
Pings medical fund.

Kristina Jones
Jennifer Haney
Kim Munger
Ray Scherer
The Gardner-Kobuck Family
Donation Thank Yous