Mister Rogers
Mister Rogers - Ready for adoption.  Contact us for an application.
Mister Rogers is approximately a 13`0o year old, male pug.  Completely blind & deaf.  Previous
ruptured left eye.   Possible nuerologic issue affecting his walking, may get worse as he ages.  Unable
to control bladder or bowels.  Can be very sweet.  Will obviously need some extra care.

He is a little underweight for his size, so at this time we are working on his weight gain & muscles.  

Information to come as we learn more about this determined little fellow.  He has a few vet visits
coming up, info to follow.

Update:   He's made great improvement, is off medical hold & ready for adoption.  Not recommended
for a home with small children.
Mister Rogers
13  years approx.
19 lbs.
Does okay once comfortable with his surroundings.
Completely blind & deaf, unstable walking believed to be a nuerologic issue
Enjoys napping.

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Mister Rogers

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Donation Thank Yous
Mister Rogers' adoption fee will be $100.  
This adoption fee will be put towards paying
down his past vet bills and helping the next
pug in need.

He is up-to-date on shots (rabies,
bordetella, distemper), has been nuetered,
parasite screened, is heartworm negative
and has had an EKG (good results).