Choo Choo Charlie
Choo Choo Charlie - Sadly our wonderful Mr. Choo Choo has passed away.  We
will really miss this little fellow, the rescue is just not the same without him.

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Our little Choo Choo Charlie is a heartbreaker.  He is currently undergoing some tests to diagnosis
his illness.  Could be nuerologic, could be a portosystemic shunt, could be any number of other
issues.  This little guy has quite a few vet visits coming up.

More details will be posted once we know more about Choo Choo's health & what we're dealing with.

Choo Choo will have many vet bills piling up, but we don't want to give up on him, he's only a year old.  
Just getting a diagnosis could be pricey.  We are currently accepting donations to help out with Choo
Choo's medical expenses.


Choo Choo's bile acid test has come back negative, therefore a portosystemic shunt has now been
ruled out.  We have a nuerology consult scheduled for the little guy in August.  We will update his page
as we find out more about his medical condition.

In the meantime Choo Choo is adapting well and we are leaning to adapt to him as well.  He loves to
run in the play yard and gets along with the other pugs, loves to curl up next to them when napping.


We have a diagnosis for our little Choo Choo Charlie, hydroencephalitis, which is basically brain
damage.  Some likely causes could have been lack of oxygen to the brain during birth or a virus as a
puppy which spread to the brain, but we'll never know for sure.   His behavior does not seem to be
getting any worse which is good.  He has been adapting well & still very much a happy little pup at
most times.


Choo Choo was recently nuetered and while under anethesia the vet discovered a malformation with
his jaw, most likely one he was born with.  Corrective surgery was done & he currently has his jaw
partially wired to fuse toghether.  The wires will be removed in 6 weeks.  He is recovering very nicely.

At this time Choo Choo Charlie remains on medical hold.


Choo Choo's wire around has jaw has been removed and we're happy to report success, his jaw is
now fully fused together.  

We're still working on behavior issues with our little Choo, but he is making some improvements.  We
don't believe he will ever be able to be trusted around children.  He can change quickly from being
calm to aggressive without warning.  Potential adoptors must be very patient and committed to his
care and well-being as he grows up.  

He will remain on medical hold for now as we continue to work with him.


Choo Choo Charlie is doing very well, but due to the hydrocephalitis he will remain a permanent
resident of our rescue.  After two years of working with him, he has made great improvement, however
we've found he does not do well with change and has adapted very well to his current environment.  
The pugs here accept him and he does well with them.  He really enjoys running in the play yard &
playing with his toys.  He also has a favorite napping spot, pug friends and will cimb into a dog bed
with another pug for some cuddle time.  Being in a familiar environment seems to keep him much
calmer and happy.

Choo Choo Charlie
11 years old
12 lbs.
Working on some issues.
Daignosed with Hydroencephalits
Loves to run in the play yard.

We'd like to thank the
following people for helping
us with Choo Choo's medical

Kim Munger
Stephney Higham
Gregory Gross
Linda Van Duzer
Joe & Pat Gazda in loving
memory of Pugsley
Edith Young in loving
memory of Ginger
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