Chase - Adopted!

Chase came to us from a local shelter where his time had run out.  He was a stray that was taken to
the shelter .  He was cared for by the shelter for a many, many  weeks but no one ever claimed this
little guy.  

Chase is a wonderful, friendly pug, gets along great with everyone, people and other animals.  He is
currently a little underweight and we're in the process of "beefing" him up a bit and is also being
treated for an ear infection & eye injury.  He has been vet clhecked and looks to be in overall good
health from what we can tell. He is in the early stages of  PK on his eyes and will have to use
Optimune ointment.  He currently has a fractured tooth we are raising funds to get taken care of.  

If you'd like to make a donation to help us pay to get Chase a needed dental & have his fractured tooth
removed, please click on the donation button to the side.  We've gotten an estimate from a vet willing
to donate some services for approx. $250 for bloodwork, a dental, & to pull his tooth, plus any others
that may also need to be removed.

Chase would make a wonderful addition to any family.

3/26/10 UPDATE:

After Chase's follow-up trip to the vet for his eye, we've decided to keep him on medical hold a little
longer due to his eye injury treatment., drops & ointment every 4 hours.  Once his eye heals & he no
longer requires this treatment he will be ready for adoption, hopefully within just a few weeks.

4/21/10 UPDATE:

Chase was at the vet's today for a follow-up.  The vet would like to keep him on his eye treatment for
one more week.  He will be taken off medical hold once we get the vet's okay.  Also looks like Chase's
fractured tooth, which was loose, fell out on it's own so he won't be requiring the dental now.

approx. 6 years
16 lbs.
Friendly.  Gets along with other dogs, cats & children.
Has been vet checked, looks to be in overall good health.  He is in the early stages
of PK on his eyes, will need Optimune ointment.
Loves to be right with you, very happy boy.